Application Methodologies working group

The EMCA Application Methodologies Working Group (WG) is co-chaired by Wolfgang Folger and Peter DeChant. The group was formed in February of 2007 at a meeting in Speyer, Germany with the express purpose of exchanging information and addressing issues related to the application of mosquito control materials.

The primary objective of the WG is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mosquito control insecticide applications in Europe. The scope of the group covers ground and aerial application of mosquito larvicides and adulticides, and includes assessment methodologies designed to assess application quality and efficacy.

The Application Methodologies WG hopes to achieve its objectives through information exchange, technology transfer and training, and the establishment of guidelines and standards. Finally, the WG advocates for the use of appropriate technologies by:

  • Encouraging the adoption of appropriate application methods throughout Europe.
  • Encouraging and enabling laws for the use of specific appropriate methods.
  • Encouraging industry to develop improved application equipment for specific purposes.

The WG has so far organized two symposia one at the EMCA meeting in Prague, 2007, and a follow-up session later at the EMCA workshop in Turin, 2009.
There are currently no major issues before the group. However, this may well change in the near future, as mosquito control in Europe is expected to face questions about aerial application, and as an increasing amount of vector-borne diseases call for the use of ULV adulticide technology.

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