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Change of EMCA Presidency

Monday 09 January 2012

Dear Friends and Respected Members,

With the start of 2012 I have handed over my EMCA Presidency to Asghar Talbalaghi. First of all, I would like to wish Asghar all the best for a successful and productive two-year term as EMCA President. I am aware that plenty of work lies ahead for the new President, and that there are still many loose ends and issues to be resolved. However, I am confident that Asghar will be able to deal with every eventuality and will continue to ensure that EMCA grows and matures as a professional association.

Looking back over the past two years, I leave my Presidency with mixed feelings. Major progress has been achieved, but perhaps not as much as planned. We have now a secretariat to deal with the administrative issues of EMCA. Another major achievement was the creation of an operational and functional website (, to be used as an important information platform for EMCA and its members. A highly satisfactory collaborative relationship has been established with WHO-Europe in Copenhagen, and the ECDC in Stockholm. A conference, held in Speyer, Germany in May 2011 laid the foundations for a draft set of guidelines titled, ‘Guidelines for the control of invasive mosquitoes and associated vector-borne diseases on the European continent’. The conference was jointly organized by EMCA and WHO-Europe and financed by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. The workshop in Budapest during four days in September 2011 was also a successful and memorable event with well-accepted scientific contributions. We can say with honesty that our association has become a well-recognized European institution with strong ties to sister organizations in other continents, especially the USA.

An association such as EMCA depends strongly on a reliable membership. In this respect I feel that there is plenty of room for improvement. We need our members to pay their annual fees on time. The fees are modest. To send out reminders is time consuming and often seems to provoke little response. It is probably my fault that we did not check more closely whether EMCA members had paid their fees and thus were entitled to vote or to profit from the special registration fees, for example at the Budapest workshop. It was my intention that our members should indirectly get at least their fees back by reduced registration fees at EMCA Workshops and valuable professional information. It is strongly recommended that more attention should be paid in the future to the handling and control of the membership.

I have offered to take over the EMCA Treasury from Rémi Foussadier, who deserves our sincere thanks for his hard work as EMCA Secretary/Treasurer for the past two years.

Although, to my knowledge, no autochthonous transmission of Dengue and Chikungunya has been reported in 2011, one of the primary and most difficult future EMCA goals will be the control of invasive mosquito species with the potential to transmit infectious diseases. Coordinated Europe-wide efforts on an integrated and sustainable basis are required to bring these under control, especially Aedes albopictus, the tiger mosquito. To achieve these aims, overall close cooperation and collaboration is required, which must be extended far beyond those countries where the tiger mosquito has already become firmly established.

With the few thoughts expressed above, I bid my friends and the entire EMCA community farewell as EMCA President. I wish you and your families a successful and peaceful 2012.

With best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Peter Luethy


Update of the WHO/EMCA conference Guidelines

There is a revised version of the draft for the ‘Guidelines for the control of invasive mosquitoes and associated vector-borne diseases on the European continent’. A paragraph in Section 5 about the BG-Sentinel was added. » Read about the draft guidelines here.



Sadly, Cherie Aeberli, who has been responsible for the EMCA Secretariat for the last year, will be leaving us as of 31 March 2012. The position of EMCA Administrative Officer is therefore now vacant. Any interested parties should contact Cherie Aeberli at for details by 29 February 2012.

© Zsolt Dávid



It is our great pleasure to announce the result of the recent elections for the next EMCA President – our esteemed Italian colleague Asghar Talbalaghi.

The ballots were opened and counted during the EMCA Workshop in Budapest on 12th September 2011. » See the results here.

We would like to thank the outgoing EMCA President Prof. Dr. Peter Luethy for his outstanding service and dedication to EMCA, and wish Mr Talbalaghi all the best for his forthcoming term as President. We look forward to working with him to further strengthen and develop EMCA.


Draft Speyer Guidelines

In May 2011 EMCA and WHO Regional Office for Europe organised a joint meeting to discuss issues that potentially have consequences for the entire European continent, stretching from Spain to Russia. Generously sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, in total 70 participants took part in a two-day conference and workshop which aimed to produce a set of guidelines that would offer concrete and consistent vector control strategies that would be applicable on a European-wide level.

» Read the draft guidelines here.


Vector-borne epizootic affecting blackbirds (Turdus merula)
in the Upper and Middle Rhine Valley of Germany

Read the full press release


Invitation to the EMCA Board Meeting

6th EMCA Workshop in Budapest, Thermal Hotel Helia

Monday, 12 September at 15:00 to 16:30

The Board Meeting will serve to finalize the preparation of the General Membership Meeting, scheduled for Thursday, 16 September.


1. Welcome of the Board by the President
2. Report by Executive Director
3. Approval of the Minutes of the Wroclaw Meeting 2010
4. Report by the Secretary/Treasurer
5. Working Group activities
6. Reports by the National Directors
7. Place and date of next EMCA meeting
8. Misc items

Peter Luethy, President EMCA


Invitation to The EMCA Annual General Membership Meeting

On the occasion of the

6th EMCA Workshop in Budapest

Thursday, 15 September 2011

16:00 – 17:00



1. Welcome address and report by the President

2. Approval of the minutes of the Membership Meeting 2010 in Wroclaw, Poland

3. Results of the election of the new president for 2011 to 2013

4. Report by the Executive Director - Regional associations - VBORNET - EMCA Journal - National Directors - EMCA website

5. Report by the Secretary/Treasurer - Membership - Finances

6. Working group activities - Aedes albopictus - Black flies - Rice fields - GIS and application techniques

7. Reports by the National Directors

8. Date and place of the next EMCA workshop 2013

9. Miscellaneous items

10. Handing over the presidency to the new president

Peter Luethy, President


Minutes of the

EMCA General Meeting

University of Wroclaw, Poland

Wednesday 15 September 2010


Presentation of the applicants for the new EMCA President

After our recent call for candidates we now have two excellent and eminently
qualified applicants for the position of the new EMCA President -

Dr. Katarzyna Rydzanicz and Asghar Talablaghi.


Further information about the election and the CV of the two applicants can be found in the members area now.


Update: 6th EMCA Workshop
12-15th September 2011
Thermal Hotel Helia
Budapest, Hungary

September is rapidly approaching, and so is our 6th EMCA Workshop.
Please note a couple of changes and updates:

  • Reduction of fees: Due to the general financial climate in Europe at present, it has been decided to reduce the Workshop fees by an average of approximately 20%. For the new fee schedule, please go to Registrations on the Workshop website. We hope that this will help as many of our colleagues as possible to attend the meeting.
  • Abstracts: Thank you to everyone who submitted abstracts. As the deadline for abstract submissions was extended, the date for notification of abstract acceptance has also been extended. Applicants will now be notified by 15 July 2011 of the status of their abstract submission.

We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful city of Budapest, and hope for a fruitful and informative week of collaboration, discussion and presentations.


Nominations for

next EMCA President, National Directors (Italy, Greece)

Prof. Peter Luethy finishes his term as EMCA President this year. Nominations are now open to EMCA members of good standing who are interested in taking up the position.

Nominations are now also open for the position of National Director for both Italy and Greece. Nominees must be EMCA members of good standing. National Directors are chosen by the EMCA members of their respective countries.  

Any EMCA members interested in any of the above positions should send a copy of their CV plus a recent photo to Cherie Aeberli ( by 31 May 2011.

A postal ballot for each position will be held shortly thereafter.


In Memoriam

Professor Dr. Yoel Margalith
1933 - 2011

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague Professor Yoel Margalith on Saturday, the 2nd of April 2011.
With his passing we have lost not only a highly qualified scientist, but also a good friend who was always willing to provide a helping hand. »


Update: The 6th EMCA Workshop - In Budapest

We are pleased to announce that the 6th EMCA Workshop will take place in the beautiful Hungarian city of Budapest in September 2011, jointly organized by the Hungarian Pest Control Association (MaKOSZ) and EMCA.

Please note these dates and the deadlines below in your diary - the organizers are looking forward to welcoming you to Budapest!

Thermal Hotel Helia
12-15th Septmber 2011


31 May 2011

Abstract submission

30 June 2011

Notification of acceptance of abstracts

31 July 2011

Registration and hotel reservation

15 August 2011

Cancellation of registration and/or hotel reservation

We advise attendees to book their accommodation as soon as possible, as rooms are limited.

Questions about registration, accommodation and travel can be addressed to:
Ms. Ildiko Kruppa
Diamond Congress Ltd
1255 Budapest, P. O. Box 48.
Tel: +36 1 225 0209 Fax: +36 1 201 2680


Message from the desk of the President

Dear Members and friends of EMCA,

First of all, welcome to our new website! Finally, after a long period of reconstruction we can now offer you an up-to-date platform for EMCA-related information and communication, including a place for the EMCA working groups to base their activities, as well as online payment capabilities for fees and dues, and links to past publications and papers. We hope that it will be a useful portal for information, resources and discussion for both EMCA members and the general public.

Nearly two summers have passed since our memorable workshop in Torino in February 2009, and many of our members are currently deeply involved in mosquito control, either of our domestic species or the invasive neobiota that are very difficult to handle. At present, it has not been possible to bring the Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) under control, and it is therefore still spreading at will throughout the Mediterranean basin and towards the northern regions. Although models have been developed, nobody knows where it will stop to establish new breeding places. With the ever-increasing densities of Aedes albopictus it is just a matter of time until the next, hopefully local, epidemics of Chikungunya will flare up. Likewise the risk of autochthonous transmission of the dengue viruses represents a real risk. Climate shifts, intensified global migration, the transport of merchandise across countries and continents, as well as the renaturation of aquatic ecosystems demand an increased awareness of mosquito populations and their potential as vectors of infectious diseases.

In light of these facts and problems the tasks and responsibilities of EMCA are clearly evident and do not require lengthy elaboration. Neither a single research group nor an individual country on its own is able to cope with the problems we are facing. As the challenges do not stop at the borders of the European Union, EMCA must offer a Europe-wide network sharing information, advice, skills and research. Such a network is crucial to effectively addressing these problems, and EMCA wholly supports and facilitates this goal.

Accordingly, the activities of EMCA range far beyond the continental borders of Europe. We have established an excellent relationship with the Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE) as well as with the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA). EMCA is also in full support of the foundation of the Pan African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA). In addition, our Executive Director, Norbert Becker is one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the World Mosquito Control Association (WMCA). It is the desire of EMCA to also intensify the relationship with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), since both our organizations have overlapping goals and interests. Under the umbrella of EMCA the exchange of information among these organisations to address practical and also academic questions is strongly encouraged. To this end, I urge the EMCA working groups to make frequent use of the website as a platform for mutual discussions and the exchange of important information.

On an administrative note, I must point out that EMCA is a young organisation with much potential. A microbiologist would probably place the development of the association to the beginning of the logarithmic growth phase. To run the association, a minimum of funding is needed. Soon you will be asked to pay your membership fees for the year 2010. We would be very grateful if you would pay the required dues promptly. Members who are in arrears with their payments will be contacted to arrange a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

It is likely that a considerable number of our members will attend the SOVE meeting in Wroclaw, Poland, 13-17th September 2010. We will therefore take this opportunity to hold the EMCA Board meeting on 13th September and the General Membership meeting the following day on 14th September 2010. Further details will be available shortly and communicated to all members.

Finally, I would like to thank the architects of the website, Bjφrn Pluskota and Katharina Schneider ( for their professional, timely and conscientious design. My thanks also go to Cherie Aeberli ( who has now assumed the handling of secretarial and administrative issues. Please feel free to contact Cherie if you have any general or specific questions, or require further information. She will answer you directly or forward your queries onto the relevant Board members.

I would like to thank you all again for your continued support. Enjoy the end of the warm season, and I hope to see you in Wroclaw.

Your President

Prof. Dr. Peter Lόthy