which software do you use?

which software do you use?

Postby Martina Schäfer » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:18 pm

Hello dear colleagues,

let's see if somebody is here :)

I'd like to make a little survey which GIS software that is used within mosquito control. I'm also curious what kind of software that is used in helicopter/aircraft during application.

We in Sweden mainly use MapInfo Professional with Discover for mapping and working with the digital elevation model. In the helicopter, they previously used the software Locator, sold by Cartesia, a Swedish company . Now, another "home-made" software, adjusted to our specific needs, is in the making.

I personally also like QGIS (open source software), and use it sometimes for work with aerial photographs or satellite images.

Anyone using a database system like Oracle or MySQL?
Martina Schäfer
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